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About AMID


The Advanced Master in International Development (AMID) programme of the Radboud University Nijmegen (RU) is a one-year dual Master programme. The starting point for AMID is that positive social change can only be realised in collaboration between different actors such as government, private sector, NGOs and knowledge institutes. The complexity of problems requires a combination of innovative and critical thinking with specialized practical skills. AMID offers recently graduated Master students a programme that combines academic training and practical experience. Trainees work four days a week at an organisation engaged in issues related to sustainable development and attend lectures at the university on Fridays.


Within the past decade, the development landscape has changed considerably. A range of new actors has entered the development field (e.g. companies, philanthropic foundations, BRICS donors) and the boundaries of this once rather orderly field have become blurred. AMID puts much effort into ensuring that its participating organisations reflect the current state of the international development field and originate from the private sector, government and NGO sectors. While AMID organisations have different perspectives, interests and working practices, they have in common that they seek to contribute to development goals.

AMID starts from the idea that collaboration between academia and practice is crucial for innovation, learning and effectiveness. In the AMID programme, topics are typically approached from different angles, using different disciplinary perspectives, to deepen and widen the understanding of development issues and the policy solutions that they require. By participating in the AMID programme, organisations can tap into the latest knowledge and learn new ways to improve their existing practices. By working with organisations in the field of international development, AMID trainees can get a better sense of critical policy and programme questions.

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  • dr. Sara Kinsbergen - Programme director
  • dr. Willem Elbers - Deputy programme director
  • Nura Rutten, MSc - Programme coordinator and teaching staff
  • Heidi Schuilenburg - Programme support