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The world is in need of organisations and individuals who have the knowledge and skills to transform ‘business as usual’ and lead us on a more sustainable path. AMID, based at Radboud University (the Netherlands) helps organisations and professionals play their part in realizing the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Our educational programmes are built on the idea that solutions for sustainable development require collective action across a wide range of sectors and actors. In bridging the gap between academia and practice, we empower passionate, ambitious professionals from multidisciplinary backgrounds to become change agents with the ability to formulate innovative answers and groundbreaking solutions in response to todays’ and future challenges.

Who are we?

Founded in 1998, AMID (now the abbriviation for Advanced Modules in International Development) capacitates, facilitates and inspires young and more seasoned professionals in their role as change agents. Our alumni and programme participants work in a wide range of organisations, including NGOs, government, companies, consultancy firms, knowledge institutes and private and corporate foundations all over the world. The wide diversity in experience and background of participants is key to our didactical approach.
AMID started off as an educational programme targeting young professionals in the Netherlands. In recent years, we have evolved into an educational institute offering various professional academic programmes to individuals and organisations, all over the world. 


AMID is convinced that collaboration between academia and practice is crucial for innovation, learning and effectiveness. In our programmes, we approach topics from different angles, using various disciplinary perspectives. This way, we deepen and widen the understanding of sustainable development issues and the policy solutions that they require. AMID puts much effort into ensuring that its participating organisations reflect the current state of the field of sustainable development sustainable development and international cooperation. 
By participating in AMID programmes, organisations can tap into the latest knowledge and learn new ways to improve their existing practices. Participants develop an academically supported critical approach towards sustainable development and practical training.

What we do

We offer two educational programmes: AMID Young Professional and AMID Masterclasses. And to enhance our international impact, we have established the AMID Global Network.
  • AMID Young Professional 
    AMID Young Professional aims to identify, connect and educate change agents. In this worldwide unique one-year academic talent development programme, participants work four days a week in an organisation with the ambition to realize the Sustainable Development Goals. One day a week, they attend (online and face-to-face) lectures in English in an international classroom, mostly on Fridays. By combining problem-based learning and a mentor-mentee relationship at work, the programme empowers young professionals with the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to tackle global problems.

    • International classroom
      The AMID traineeship is open to young professionals based either in the Netherlands, Kenya (in cooperation with the Institute for Development Studies of the University of Nairobi) or neighbouring countries. Organisations and trainees based elsewhere are welcome to join too, please contact us for more information. Our international classroom gives trainees the opportunity to learn and work together internationally. To broaden their perspectives and develop know¬ledge, skills, and attitude that foster international cooperation.

  • AMID Masterclasses
    The AMID Masterclasses aim to provide more seasoned professionals with essential knowledge on cross-cutting topics within global development, allowing them to improve the daily practice at their organisations. In nine masterclasses, participants gain the latest academic insights, learn about practical dilemmas and identify strategic opportunities. The masterclasses offer an inspiring platform to exchange experiences and discuss under supervision of an experienced lecturer. 


  • AMID Global Network
    By joining forces, expertise, experience and networks, participating organisations increase their impact through professional education in the field of global development. They draw upon the brand, curriculum, didactical approach, and business model developed by AMID. The first academic partner of the AMID Global Network is the Institute for Development Issues (IDS) of the University of Nairobi, Kenya.


  • dr. Sara Kinsbergen - Programme director
  • dr. Willem Elbers - Deputy programme director
  • Nura Rutten, MSc - Senior coordinator
  • Roos de Huu, MA - Coordinator AMID Young Professional
  • dr. Zunera Rana - academic staff AMID Young Professional
  • dr. Carlos Barzola - academic staff AMID Masterclasses & Community Building
  • Olga Vandewall, MSc - Coordinator AMID Masterclasses
  • Tessa Koster - Programme support
  • Daphne van Cauter - Programme support 

From left to right: Carlos, Sara, Zunera, Olga, Nura, Daphne, Tessa, Willem, Roos

Team AMID Kenya

  • dr. Paul Kamau & Mr. Herbert Nyukuri Wamalwa (left to right)