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SDGs in Higher Education

'Integrating sustainability in our work is much more than discussions on climate change and recycling. It is important for us all to come together to understand what sustainability stands for and discuss ways in which we can integrate it in our lives and work to ensure that we are producing a new generation of change agents who are aware, critical, willing to question and take action against the status quo.'
- Zunera Rana, teacher SDGs in Higher Education

Together for a better world 

SDG's in Higher Education | Developed by Radboud University

We are facing enormous challenges. We cannot tackle these problems alone, but they require a global approach. That's why in 2015 the United Nations established the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): seventeen goals to make the world a better place. Although the SDGs are an initiative of the nearly 200 countries affiliated with the United Nations, this does not mean that these goals are only a matter of politics. To effect change, everyone needs to do their part. We need to think across our own borders and the borders of the SDGs. In order to do so, we need to feel empowered. Have the skills to relate and think about our own responsibility in these pressing sustainable development issues. That's where education comes around the corner.

The Faculty of Social Sciences has formulated ambitious sustainability goals in line with the RU strategy. Our faculty will therefore focus on embedding sustainability in education and research in the coming years. We want to educate a generation that can contribute to reducing or solving global problems. We aim to support all faculty staff to integrate sustainable development into their work. Whether you are a lecturer, researcher, or work in education coordination: the SDGs in Higher Education track is for you. 

The track is together in cooperation with Radboud University. After completing the track, you'll receive a certificate.

What will you get out of the masterclasses?

In this course you will:
  • Gain knowledge about sustainable development, sustainability and the role of sustainable development in (higher) education;
  • Reflect on the importance of sustainable development in higher education and how it relates to your expertise;
  • Develop a strategy to integrate/connect sustainable development to your own program/course/teaching/work.

For who?

Are you an employee of the Faculty of Social Sciences? And would you like to contribute to sustainable and future proof education? Then register now for the 'SDGs in Higher Education' track! The track is relevant for all staff members of the Faculty.

Are you an employee of another faculty and interested? Please indicate it via the button below.

Study load

In a period of 2 months you learn in 4 face-to-face meetings of 1.5 hours all about implementing sustainability in your work. The track is offered blended: besides the meetings the digital learning environment offers you articles and assignments. The total study load is about 8 hours.

Start Dates


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