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Lianne Hoogeveen appointed to special professorship in Identification, Support and Counseling of Talent

Lianne Hoogeveen has been appointed to the special professorship in Identification, Support and Counseling of Talent at the Radboud University Faculty of Social Sciences with effect from 1 March 2021. This teaching and research remit is a partnership with the Radboud Centre for Social Sciences and CBO Talent Development.

In her research, Hoogeveen will focus on research that contributes to discovering, recognising and challenging hidden talent. She will also be looking at education adjustments for gifted students. To this end, she will collaborate with colleagues in an international context, both from European and non-European universities, with the aim of increasing knowledge about and skill sets for dealing with gifted students.

Lianne Hoogeveen

“Everyone, including those with higher cognition and/or other exceptional abilities, deserve an environment that offers sufficient challenges in order for them to reach their full potential,” says Hoogeveen. “There are several reasons why a potential talent is often not recognised. My earlier research has shown that there are still many myths and prejudices surrounding gifted and talented individuals. Implicit theories play an important role and will be a subject of my future research. I focus on people with attributes that make recognition of talent difficult, such as students with learning and developmental issues as well as people who, because of their background, are disadvantaged.”

About Lianne Hoogeveen

Lianne Hoogeveen (1960, Wassenaar) completed her Psychology studies at Radboud University in 1988. She obtained her PhD in 2008 for research into the socio-emotional effects of educational adaptations for gifted students, with an emphasis on acceleration in their scholastic trajectory. She has worked at CBO Talent Development (part of Radboud University until 2016) as a clinical mental health psychologist since 1991, where she was also head of the department between 2008 and 2016. She treats and guides children, adolescents and adults there.
Since 2008, Lianne has coordinated the Master's specialism ‘Gifted Education’, within the Pedagogical Sciences & Educational Science study programme. She is currently also a researcher within the scientific expertise centre Radboud Talent in Development (RATiO, part of the BSI since 2018) and lead trainer of Radboud International Training on High Ability (RITHA, since 2010). She is also the President of the European Council for High Ability (ECHA).

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