Radboud Centrum Sociale Wetenschappen

Postacademisch Onderwijs voor een Veerkrachtige Samenleving

Become a Partner

Would you like to improve 
the knowledge, skills and attitude of your professionals
towards the concept of giftedness?

Do you wish to nurture your highly able young people (students, scholars, children, youngsters) and adults so well that their full potential can flourish and contribute to a successful future and a better world?

Your professionals can subscribe to the RITHA courses that are already planned.
And... we are  open to come to you and facilitate RITHA in your country!

Becoming a RITHA partner could mean...

  • Building up the expertise and reputation of your professionals and organisation with one of our ECHA qualified RITHA programmes
  • Joint recruitment of students subscribing to the blended RITHA course catering to your (professionals') needs (Specialist, Practitioner, I C Talent).
  • Our RITHA lecturers facilitate the corresponding face-to-face seminars on site, in your country.
  • Joining a network of organisations and experts in the field of Gifted Education and High Ability.
  • In the case of offering more than 1 RITHA group: letting your professionals join a RITHA Train-the-Trainer trajectory, allowing them to become RITHA lecturers
    and to offer part of RITHA programme themselves (sharing in the tuition fee in time as well, of course)
  • Negotiating a tailor made partnership - we would be pleased to be working with you!

Contact us

Are you interested? Would you like to have some more information?
Explore possibilities to form a RITHA group in your country?
Don’t hesitate to contact us – we would love to get to know you!

For all potential partners
Please contact Ms. Barbara van Ginneken - International Policy Officer | RITHA World
LinkedIn profile: Barbara van Ginneken

Potential partners specifically from Asia:
Please contact Ms. Ava Kam - International Policy Oficer | RITHA Asia
LinkedIn profile: Ava Kam


Our current, highly estimated RITHA partners

European Council for High Ability (ECHA)
  • Qualification of RITHA
  Ministry for Education and Employment
Special thank you to
Ms. Desiree Scicluna Bogeja
  • Supporting a number of local participants
  • Hosting RITHA Seminars
  • Joint recruitment
  • Conference organization
European Talent Centre Hrvatska
Center of Excellence of Varazdin County
Special thank you to 
mister Hudek
  • 8 scholarships for Croatian participants of the RITHA Practitioner Programme, 2020
  • RITHA Train the Trainer trajectory for 4 Croatian ECHA Specialists,
  • Various conferences
  • Joint recruitment
Center of Excellence of Split - Dalmatia County
Special thank you to
mister Ivica Zelic
  • 2 scholarships for Dalmatian participants of the RITHA Practitioner Programme, 2020
  • Various conferences
  • Joint recruitment
Udruga Vjetar u Leda 
(Wind in the Back)
Special thank you to
Ksenija Benakovic and
Tomislav Goldin
  • Various conferences
  • Joint recruitment
  • RITHA Train the Trainer
Prva Gimnazija Varazdin

National Talent Centre of the Netherlands (NTCN) (the Netherlands)

  • Preferred partner
  • Part of the European Talent Support Network (ETSN)

CBO Talent Development (CBO) (the Netherlands)

  • Preferred partner
  • Joint elective “Identification”

Research Group Radboud Talent In Ontwikkeling (RATIO) (Radboud Talent in Development) (the Netherlands)

  • Preferred partner
  • Part of the Behavioral Science Institute (BSI)