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Postacademisch Onderwijs voor een Veerkrachtige Samenleving

RITHA/ECHA Specialist Track

'With the final product of the postgraduate training to become a RITHA Specialist, you really make a scientific contribution to the field. You are free to determine the content of the final product: from an informative website to a scientific article and from an educational programme to a conference!'
Prof.dr. Lianne Hoogeveen

Would you like to specialize further to become a RITHA Specialist?

Ritha Pracitioner \ )ntwikkeld door de Radboud Universiteit

Do you want to develop your skills as a scientist-practitioner and improve the professional field of gifted education? By making a scientifically sound contribution, your product can be used by professionals seeking to serve the needs of high ability students.   

As a RITHA Practitioner graduate, you are welcome to join the 12-month online programme to become a RITHA Specialist. As an ECHA Specialist in Gifted Education, you do not only have the knowledge and skills to translate science into practice, but you also make your own scientifically sound contribution to the field of giftedness.

During this programme you work – with intensive supervision from a team of academics – towards a scientifically sound contribution (your final product) to the field of education and care for high ability children and high ability (young) adults. The results of this can be used by professionals who want to cater to their needs. You conclude the programme with a final seminar, in which you present your final product to your fellow students and lecturers.

After successfully completing the programme, you will receive the ECHA Diploma and the RITHA Specialist Diploma.

The following admission requirements apply to the transfer programme to RITHA Specialist:

  • You have completed a RITHA Practitioner training;
  • A work environment with gifted children, young people and/or adults in the education or care sector
  • English language proficiency - sufficient to participate within the RITHA programme

Virtual Classroom

You will join a current RITHA Specialist group. The programme is taught in English by national and international experts, you will join the programme via our Virtual Classroom.

Study load

In 12 months you will specialize to become a RITHA Specialist. The programme has a study load of approximately 450 hours. After a short kick-off meeting, you will follow an 8-week programme in which you will write your proposal for your scientific contribution to the field of giftedness. The study load for writing the proposal is 100 hours (14 hours of contact hours/feedback/individual guidance, 86 writing hours). You then start working on your final product. The study load for this is 300 hours (12.5 hours of individual guidance, 287.5 hours of research/design/writing hours). You complete the programme during a 3-day seminar in which you present your scientific contribution. 

Start Dates

maart 8, 2024
Trainer: Prof.dr. Lianne Hoogeveen, Dr. Enyi Jen, Janneke Berendsen MA and other experts
Price: € 4.900,00
Location: Virtual Classroom


Programme runs from 8th of March 2024 to 25 April 2025. 

  • Kick-off seminar: 8th of March 2024 (online)
  • Closing seminar: Wednesday 23 April 2025 - Friday 25 April 2025 (online)
Please note that this programme is fully online.