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Corporation for change

2022/09/05 - Marrit Bolwerk & Rosalie Dekker
Is the corporate sector a crucial player in the field of international development? That is the question we (Marrit and Rosalie) asked ourselves before the AMID corporate sector lecture of 25 March 2022.

Colonialism in Development Cooperation

2022/08/22 - Nenda Lemmers & Britt Evers

Online Facilitation

2022/07/08 - Teddy van de Put & Femke van Heun
Collaborating across borders, working from home, meeting in a pandemic... more and more meetings are taking place online.

A Transformation of Development Assistance: The Inclusion of Vulnerability

2022/06/27 - Belle de Jonge & Sofie de Wit
Official Development Assistance (ODA) should not only be reserved for the poorest but also for the most vulnerable!

All About Foreign Aid

Foreign Aid is the financial flows, technical assistance, and commodities that are designed to promote...

The River of AMID - A short story

Some say it started in the South, some indicate it started in the North. Where the mountains’ height tops the Kilimanjaro, and the rivers’ currents are as strong as the Waal. The origin can be questioned.

AMID's first 2022 two day training session in Soest

First impressions of AMID's two day training session in Soest illustrated by a collection of objects trouvées.

Scenario Planning: Paving the Road towards Localization

Following Ruerd Ruben's lecture on Scenario Planning, AMID-trainees Anne Dorst (trainee at LNV) and Ellen Hell (trainee at Plan International) link the concept of scenario planning with their own future as professionals within the field of international development. They present four possible scenarios to answer their focal question: How will increased localization within development aid be accomplished whilst at the same time maintaining livelihoods of Northern development actors in the future?

China’s engagement in international development - banker or benefactor?

Following Dr. Oscar Otele's lecture on China's engagement in Africa, AMID-trainees Paco Mens (trainee at Free Press Unlimited) and Marie Smit (trainee at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) present this informative blog. Is China’s aim to expand access to foreign markets and secure strategic resources? Or do Chinese leaders truly want to support developing countries?