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Postacademisch Onderwijs voor een Veerkrachtige Samenleving

Webinar RITHA

Would you like to improve the knowledge, skills and attitude of your professionals towards the concept of giftedness?

Do you wish to nurture your highly able young people (students, scholars, children, youngsters) and adults so well that their full potential can flourish, so they can contribute to a successful future and a better world? Would you like to explore the possibilities to offer an educational programme on Giftedness that has been taught and developed for over 25 years? The Radboud International Training on High Ability - RITHA is a state-of-the-art, research-based, blended training that is qualified by the European Council for High Ability. 

Interested? Take part in the webinar!

Are you interested in this programme? During the Lifelong Development Week, an introductory webinar will be given about RITHA courses. Afterwards there will be plenty of time to ask questions. Are you interested and would you like to participate? Then sign up via the 'sign up' button. Participation in the webinar during the Lifelong Development Week is completely free.

About the Lifelong Learning Week

Do you want to be able to continue to make a meaningful contribution to our resilient society? Then it is important to keep challenging yourself and develop throughout your entire life. Also after your studies. In this way you will learn during your career and remain flexible on the labor market.

To show you what you can learn at RadboudCSW, we organize a Lifelong Learning Week four times a year. During these weeks you get the chance to follow short, introductory webinars about our offerings, get to know us and the teachers and ask your questions. Completely free of charge and without obligation. The webinars are followed online.



12 June 2023
Docent: Prof.dr. Lianne Hoogeveen en Dr. Sven Mathijssen
Locatie: Online, via Zoom


Monday June 12 from 16:30 till 17:00 hours