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AMID to become part of RadboudCSW

In 2018 AMID will become part of RadboudCSW. This follows from the Faculty of Social Sciences’ goal to unite all postgraduate programmes at Radboud University in one institute.

RadboudCSW has been taking care of post-initial academic (BIG-) programmes for social scientists for over twenty years. Currently, they provide post-academic programmes for a.o. psychologists, psychotherapists and behavioural scientists. With a strong focus on quality assurance, RadboudCSW is constantly working on developing and improving the programmes. By translating academic knowledge to practical and valuable insights, they provide the link between science and practice, which makes AMID a good fit within the institute. The educational, technical, financial, marketing and organisational knowledge and experience of RadboudCSW is a welcome support for the AMID team.

The transition is primarily an organisational one. Content wise, but also in terms of housing, AMID will remain part of CAOS and Prof. Marja Spierenburg will remain the head of education. She and other colleagues of CAOS, will continue to provide input to the AMID curriculum of 2018 and the years to follow.

The AMID team has already found that RadboudCSW offers a conducive environment for the further development of the programme. Together with RadboudCSW we are currently exploring possibilities to internationalize the programme and to develop an additional programme for mid-career professionals. RadboudCSW is very interested in the set-up of AMID and sees opportunities for their existing programmes to learn from this, and vice versa.

In 2020, RCSW and AMID will both move to the new building for the Faculty of Social Sciences is to be built on the campus of Radboud University. The image above is an artist impression of the new entrance.