Introducing AMID 2018

Last week, we welcomed a new group of AMIDs. A great group, looking forward to an exciting, challenging and rewarding year!

And not to mention, this will be the 20th year of the AMID programme, so we have an anniversary to look forward to. Keep an eye on the website and our social media to see how you can join in the celebrations, and how this group will make it AMID's best year so far.

And what do these new AMIDs think about the programme? We started and ended the introduction day with creating a wordcloud by asking the AMIDs with which three words they would describe AMID?

The first impression seemed to be 'international', which nicely correlates to the programme's name of an advanced master in international development. But they also thought of AMID as professional and ambitious.

And at the end of the introduction day, where they were bombarded with introductions, practical details of the programme and interactive way to get to know the programme, the 'challenging' aspect of the programme had made an advance. And perhaps not surprisingly, due to the co-creation session on the four different modules of the year, 'networking', 'interactive' and 'cooperation' now seem fitting to describe AMID.

It will be interesting to do this exercise again more into the year, and of course at the end. For now, we're looking forward to a great year, with great young talent for the development sector!