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If you would like to stay informed on alumni events and information, please send us your current email address and AMID year to amid@maw.ru.nl. Also, you can connect with us on the AMID Alumni LinkedIn page, on Facebook or on Twitter.

Tracer study 2017


In April 2017, a tracer study was conducted among all 454 AMID graduates

who participated in the programme between 1998 and 2016.
The results show that the alumni build steady careers in international development: 72% still holds a paid position in this field and alumni steadily climb the career ladder, demonstrated by an increase in graduates currently fulfilling management / director's positions. Furthermore, the alumni highly value AMID, in particular the work experience, practical skills they developed, the network they gained and the relevant academic knowledge. Next, the study shows that AMID alumni are able to adapt to changes in the field of international development. The increased diversity of actors and the rapid changes in the position of NGOs is also reflected in the type of organisations the alumni are currently working at.

Download the tracer study by clicking on this image: