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Who are we?

The Advanced Master in International Development (AMID) at Radboud University, Netherlands is convinced that change agents play a pivotal role in the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals and the ambition of peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. Change agents are those people that are deeply committed to contribute, as professionals, to this agenda/ambition. They do so by, from their own position and organisation, always questioning the ordinary and embracing the extraordinary. We aim to capacitate, facilitate and inspire both young professionals at the start of their career as more seasoned professionals in their role as change agent.

AMID started in 1998 to prepare passionate, ambitious young people from multidisciplinary backgrounds to become change agents in the field of international development. In recent years, AMID evolved from an education program targeting young professionals into an education institute offering different professional educational programs to a diversity of individuals and organisations.

In its education programs, AMID focuses on those topics that are of cross-cutting relevance to all actors operating in the field of sustainable/international development.

Our alumni and students work in a wide range of organisations, including NGOs, government, companies, consultancy firms, knowledge institutes and private and corporate foundations. This wide diversity of experience and background of participants is key to our didactical approach, as our educational programs utilize and pursue exchange between sectors and perspectives.

Current programs

Presently, we offer two educational programs:

  1. AMID Young professional aims to identify, connect and educate leaders for the future. This worldwide unique one-year post-master program has a dual nature: participants work four days a week at a partner organisation and attend lectures at the university one day a week. By combining problem-based learning and a mentor-mentee relationship at the work floor, the program empowers young professionals with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to tackle global problems. 
  2. AMID Masterclasses aims to provide participants with essential knowledge on cross-cutting topics within international development, allowing them to improve the daily practice at their respective organisations. In nine masterclasses participants gain the latest academic insights, learn about practical dilemmas and identify strategic opportunities. The masterclasses offer an inspiring platform to exchange experiences and discuss under supervision of an experienced lecturer. 

AMID Global Network

To enhance our impact internationally, we are currently establishing the AMID Global Network. This is an inspiring global community of academic institutes that offer AMID education programs within their curriculum. By joining forces, expertise, experience and networks, participating institutes aim to increase their impact through professional education in the field of international development. Participating institutes draw upon the brand, curriculum, didactical approach and business model developed by AMID. Together, the academic partners, partner organisations and students/alumni form a unique community of practice. AMID is currently discussing network-membership with a variety of institutes. The first international AMID branch will be hosted by the Institute for Development Issues (IDS) of the University of Nairobi, Kenya. The first cohort of AMID Kenya trainees will start in February 2021.

Interested in receiving more information on the AMID Global Network or on the AMID Kenya program? Contact us at amid@ru.nl or check our call for partners.