AMID is a challenging programme, that is aimed at a pool of highly motivated young talents who want to contribute to a fair and sustainable world and want to work in international cooperation. To select a diverse and motivated group of candidates, the selection procedure is intense and sometimes demanding. Competition can be quite fierce: normally circa 300 people apply for the 30-35 AMID positions.

In this part you can find more information on the entry requirements, the application and selection procedure and the costs for the AMID programme.

Entry requirements

The AMID selection procedure is open for candidates that have obtained a Master's degree in a study which has a link with international cooperation and development. Examples of the study backgrounds of AMID graduates are Development Studies, Social Geography, International Business, Business Administration, International Management, International Finance, Anthropology, Public Health, Nutrition, Public Administration, Tropical Forestry or - Land use, International Relations and International Law. The programme is open to graduates from different academic backgrounds who are highly motivated to contribute to international cooperation and sustainable development. It is directed at recent graduates (max. 3 years after graduation) at the start of their professional career.

We are looking for candidates that have:

  • Knowledge of, and demonstrable affinity with, international cooperation and global development;
  • Work experience (e.g. internship, thesis research) in an international or cultural diverse setting: developing countries, countries in transition, international organisations. The minimum requirement is three months of experience, but preferably six months or more;
  • An open and flexible attitude, the willingness to learn and the ability to critical self-reflect are assets that count highly in the selection process;
  • Excellent active knowledge of English. Working knowledge of other languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese) are a distinct advantage. Note that some of the trainee positions require active knowledge of Dutch language in writing and speaking;
  • An 8 (or equivalent) or higher for their Master's thesis. Foreign candidates must consult the Nuffic website for diploma recognition. In case you do not meet this requirement but are convinced that you stand out as a candidate because of other skills, experiences, background, or your ability to learn quickly, you should stress this in your application. The selection committee aims to select a diverse group of highly qualified candidates and does so by comparing all applications to find the best and most motivated candidates for the AMID programme;
  • Prior upon applying, foreign candidates should possess a work permit and a visa to be able to work and live in The Netherlands for the full year of 2019 and the first month of 2020. AMID is not mediating in applying for the work permit and visa. Check the IND website for more information, also to see if you would be eligible for an 'orientation year'. This applies to people who have completed a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD in the Netherlands, but also in other cases, for example if you have obtained a Master’s degree in the context of an Erasmus Mundus course or at a ‘designated international educational institution’.

Application procedure and selection in steps

Please note that the above deadlines & costs are for 2018/2019. The dates & costs for 2019/2020 will be published in May.

Step 1- Registration:

When applying for the AMID programme, applicants should first register with AMID as a candidate. The link to the registration form can be retrieved from this website from the beginning of the registration. This link will redirect you to RCSW, the Radboud Centre for Social Sciences, where you can fill out the form to register as a candidate and authorise the Radboud University for a single SEPA mandate.

Note that the registration for AMID is only considered valid when the registration fee of 75 euro (37,50 with early bird discount) is paid. The registration is valid for two selection attempts. E.g., if you have paid the registration fee in 2018, this is still valid for 2019. Please tick the box on the registration form if this applies to your situation.

Step 2- Application:

After registration you will receive a link to the online application form where you can upload your CV, Master's diploma and grade lists, and fill out your personal details, educational background, work experience and motivation.

Step 3- First Selection Round:

Based on your application letter, curriculum and grade list, the selection committee will decide if you are admitted to the second round in the procedure. Please be aware of the fact that competition for the AMID programme is fierce. We select a maximum of 120 candidates to enter the second round in the selection procedure. Please read the requirements carefully to optimise your chances for selection. If you are selected for the second round you will be informed before Thursday, October 4, 2018 (dates for 2019 will be published in May).

Step 4- Second Selection Round:

The second round of the selection procedure consists of a video testimonial in which you can pitch yourself as a promising candidate for the AMID programme. This round will be handled by recruiters from Impressive Green Apple (IGA). Candidates who are selected for the second round, will receive instructions directly from the recruiter. We will ask you three questions about your motivation, and you can present or read your answers out loud - which way you feel comfortable. This video is not about editing and camera work. Out of the 120 applicants, the best 75 will be selected for the third round in the procedure. IGA will inform you on the decision by Thursday October 18, 2018 (dates for 2019 will be published in May).

Step 5 - Information meeting:

For the 75 selected candidates, we are organising an information meeting at Radboud University in Nijmegen on Thursday October 25, 2018 from 14.00 – 16.00 PM (dates for 2019 will be published in May). Attendance is compulsory in order to be considered for the third round.

Step 6 - Third selection round:

All 75 candidates will be invited for a face-to-face interview at the office of recruitment agency Impressive Green Apple in The Hague between Monday October 29 and Friday November 2, 2018 (dates for 2019 will be published in May).

Step 7 – Fourth selection round:

In the first and second week of November, we will match the selected candidates that passed round 3 with the available trainee positions. We will inform you, if, and to which organisation we will forward your CV. You will be invited to write an additional motivation letter to the organisation to highlight your interest in the offered position.

Round 5.

Organisations select proposed candidates for an interview and schedule interviews between November 13 and December 11. Please note, being proposed by IGA to an organisation does not give candidates any guarantee to be invited for an interview by the respective organisations. The organisations, not IGA or AMID, decide whom they select from all proposed candidates.

Please note that the above timeline is for 2018. The new timeline will be published in May.

International candidates currently studying at ISS (International Institute of Social Studies the Hague) who are graduating in December 2018 can apply for AMID, even though they have not yet graduated. Please highlight your ISS background in your application.

AMID does not refund travel expenses made during the selection process or information day.

In case you have any further questions, please send an email to:

Introducing your own organisation or applying as internal candidate?

AMID is open to organisations presenting their own (internal) candidate or candidates introducing their own organisation. Candidates are encouraged to propose an organisation where they work or have been working (internship, volunteering) before and propose a traineeship in cooperation with AMID. Candidates that already have established contact with an organisation are requested to consult AMID ( or +31(0) 24 36 11 838) on how to proceed in arranging an AMID traineeship. Note that this is not a guarantee that you will enter the programme since also in this case you must pass the selection procedure.


The application for the AMID 2019 programme was open from September 1 to September 30, 2018. 

For more info, you can download the call for applications AMID 2019.