The Role of Private Sector Actors in Development

What exactly is the role of private sector actors in developments, and what do they contribute? What is the rationale, and what the risks and dilemmas of getting invvolved as as business? And what is the criticism om involvement of the private sector?

The Changing Landscape of iNGOs

For the lecture on (international) NGOs by Kees Biekart at ISS, two AMIDs created this infographic.

The Donor Dance

In this blog, Judith and Susan reflect on 'the donor dance' as presented in the lecture on intergovernmental actors in the field of international development. And not in a simple account of the lecture day, but in a infographic drawn by themselves. 


How to exercise power in development practices

Development and power are inherently connected; development is about bringing a positive change and  aims to decrease inequality, both of which are strongly connected to constellations of power. But what is power, actually?

“We are all climate diplomats”

That climate change is an urgent problem that affects us all is not a question, but how do you deal with it? We all have a roll to play, and Ida and Marlies share their insights in this toolkit for climate diplomats.

How to deal with ‘shrinking civic space’?

How to deal with shrinking civic space as a northern NGO, working on LGBTI rights? AMIDs Tess van Bommel and Mariëlle de Jonge, wrote down their reflections, based on a case set in the newly established country: Amidstan.

Doing Business in Africa

In this blog, two AMID trainees pinpoint the struggles of doing business in Africa. Not for multinationals, but for (Sub-Saharan) African countries.

International Cooperation & Unintended Effects

Reality is so inherently complex that unintended effects are bound to occur, but this does not mean that we shouldn't do our due diligence. Expect the unexpected, and read this insightful infographic.

What is knowledge?

Melanne was felled by the autumn flu and unfortunately could not attend the two-day training last week. Dieuwke called her to ask how she was doing, and get her up to speed on the theme of the training: knowledge management.