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Blogs (2018)

“We are all climate diplomats”

That climate change is an urgent problem that affects us all is not a question, but how do you deal with it? We all have a roll to play, and Ida and Marlies share their insights in this toolkit for climate diplomats.

How to deal with ‘shrinking civic space’?

How to deal with shrinking civic space as a northern NGO, working on LGBTI rights? AMIDs Tess van Bommel and Mariëlle de Jonge, wrote down their reflections, based on a case set in the newly established country: Amidstan.

Doing Business in Africa

In this blog, two AMID trainees pinpoint the struggles of doing business in Africa. Not for multinationals, but for (Sub-Saharan) African countries.

International Cooperation & Unintended Effects

Reality is so inherently complex that unintended effects are bound to occur, but this does not mean that we shouldn't do our due diligence. Expect the unexpected, and read this insightful infographic.

What is knowledge?

Melanne was felled by the autumn flu and unfortunately could not attend the two-day training last week. Dieuwke called her to ask how she was doing, and get her up to speed on the theme of the training: knowledge management.

The HOW of addressing a complex crisis in the development world: an example

How do you know if all your assumptions about the work you do are true? Sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes no. That’s why you should constantly monitor and evaluate your project objectives to see if what you’re doing, still leads to the change you want to achieve. Welcome to the world of PME: Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation.

How gender-equal is the field of international development?

Gender. Within the field of international development, no discussion can do without anymore. A world without gender seems impossible. But what does it mean? How is ‘gender equality’ translated into policy and practice? And how meaningful is this buzzword?

Setting Objectives for Social Change: Poverty and Well-being

It is hard to ignore the fact that sustainable development by 2030 is indeed an ambitious target; a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity to be reached by means of a global partnership. This blog, in a nutshell, analyses a few synergies and tradeoffs between these SDGs that might result in an interrelated social, ecological and economic consequences.

Theory of Change - A SuperWo/Man Approach

A Theory of Change? What are you talking about? Trainees Yvette and Jorn illustrate this with a comic. How a Theory of Change can help superwo/man save the world.

Negotiating for the safety of 629 migrants stranded at sea

On June 10, the Aquarius rescue ship picked up 629 migrants stranded in the Mediterranean Sea. Among these migrants were 123 unaccompanied minors, 11 children and 7 pregnant women. The Aquarius took on people from two rubber boats, Italian navy ships, Italian coastguard ships and merchant vessels.


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