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‘Giftedness is wrongly seen as an elite subject’

There are still a lot of misunderstandings about giftedness, says Professor Lianne Hoogeveen. ‘It is wrongly seen as an elite subject.’ In her oration she argues for more attention to individual talent. Also at Radboud University.

‘Is it really possible that a gifted child gets failing grades?’ Remedial educationalist Lianne Hoogeveen still gets that question from time to time when speaking with teachers. For the giftedness expert, it’s an example of how many misunderstandings there still are about pupils with lots of talent. This group comprises of about 2 to 15 percent of all children, dependent on what definition is used. Those misunderstandings must be gone away with, she argued in her oration last week as professor by special appointment of Identification, Support and Counselling of Talent.

Read the complete article by Stan van Pelt for Voxweb.nl. 


Lianne Hoogeveen is Programme Director Radboud International Traing on High Ability (RITHA). RITHA is a postgraduate, research based, blended training programme that offers you the opportunity to learn all you’d like to know about gifted education. Read more about our international programme