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Postacademisch Onderwijs voor een Veerkrachtige Samenleving

'Education helped me in defining my role as a change agent'

The Faculty of Social Sciences feels the urge to encourage sustainability as an important theme within her education. Namely, contributing to a healthy and free world with equal opportunities for all is the mission of the Radboud University. The Faculty now brings that ambition to life, with the start of the new SDGs in Higher Education track for the staff of the FSS. The track is led by dr. Sara Kinsbergen, teacher and programme director of AMID. 

"Education helped me in (re)defining my role as a 'change agent'." A powerful statement from dr. Sara Kinsbergen at the start of the track. The challenges we're facing nowadays are enormous. Inequality, poverty, environmental polution, just to name a few of them. To tackle these problems, the United Nations established the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): seventeen goals to make the world a better place. Although the SDGs are an initiative of the nearly 200 countries affiliated with the United Nations, this does not mean that these goals are only a matter of politics. We need to think across our own borders and the borders of the SDGs. In order to do so, we need to feel empowered. Have the skills to relate and think about our own responsibility in these pressing sustainable development issues. That's where education comes around the corner. We all have an important part to play. 

Citizens for society

The Faculty of Social Sciences now takes a big step in "making citizens for society". If we want to train our students to be socially engaged people who can make a meaningful contribution to a better world, integrating the sustainability into education is essential. A change that is not done overnight, but requires a bit of effort, time and help. That's why AMID is now offering the SDGs in Higher Education track for staff of the FSS. In four meetings, spread over eight weeks, you'll develop skills to apply sustainability in your own teaching and reflect on the role of your discipline in contributing to a better world. A lot of time is spent on discussion with other colleagues and working together across disciplines. With the goal to eventually bring all students into contact with sustainibility issues within their own discipline and actually contribute to that healthy, free world with equal chances that the Radboud University is striving for. 

Want to contribute?

The pilot of the SDGs in Higher Education track just started, but as an employee of the Faculty of Social Sciences, you can already sign up for the first group (starting May 24). In 8 weeks you will be trained during 2 physical meetings and 2 online meetings. In an online environment you will find all the articles, knowledge clips and assignments to help you master the material independently. Interested? Sign up on our website! Not an employee of FSS, but are you as an RU staff member interested in the track? Let us know and we'll keep you updated!