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RITHA International – keeping up the good work

For many of us, 2020 has been a though year. Due to Covid19 and the measures taken to prevent it, some of our RITHA International groups were heavily affected. Some groups had to be cancelled, other groups have been postponed. But sometimes, as a ray of hope, things went remarkably well! 

This is how one RITHA International group, the RITHA Practitioner Croatia, became special to us: the students of this group continued their studies entirely online, while they did not have any opportunity to meet our lecturers personally at all (so far). We are so proud of our flexible and very hard working students and so grateful to our loyal and persisting partners!

We go on! 

Therefore we are extra happy to start 3 new RITHA International Groups in 2021.

  • RITHA Practitioner Croatia | starting in April 2021
    In cooperation with our partners The Centre of Excellence of Varaždin County, Srednja Škola Novi Marof, and Udruga Vjetar u Leđa.
  • RITHA Specialist Hong Kong | starting in June 2021
    In cooperation with our estimated partner Hong Kong Gifted Education Teacher Association.
  • NEW! RITHA Online Only | Starting in October 2021
    The seminars of this group will not take place on location, but online. We aim for an international group if participating students: an international classroom.

For more information about these new groups of RITHA International and exact starting dates in 2021, please visit our website: www.ritha.world. 

Together with our students and partners, we enjoy to keep up the good work and are planning on having an inspiring 2021. Never stop learning!