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AMID - Introduction

Are you an organisation committed to the Sustainable Development Goals? And are you looking for a talented young professional that can bring in state-of-the-art knowledge and an extensive network? Or are you an ambitious graduate dedicated to countering urgent and complex global challenges, such as climate change, poverty, inequality, and clean water for all? AMID can offer you interesting benefits.

By participating in AMID, organisations get access to a pool of highly talented young people with the ambition to acquire the knowledge and skills to contribute to the realisation of the SDGs through multistakeholder collaboration. Trainees bring in the latest academic insights and best practices, as well as a diverse network of interesting actors.

Since 1998 nearly 500 trainees participated in the internationally accredited AMID programme. Today, over 72% of these alumni is still working in the field of international development. Trainees value AMID for gaining relevant academic knowledge and practical skills, work experience, and network and award the programme with 7.6 out of 10 score in reaching its objective.

AMID is a unique one-year post-master programme in the field of international development and has a dual nature. Trainees work four days a week at an organisation based in the Netherlands engaged in issues related to international development and attend lectures at the university one day a week. The programme is accredited by IAC/EADI in compliance with the IAC/EADI standing orders for postgraduate development studies programmes.