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Dr. Sara Kinsbergen

Dr. Sara Kinsbergen | Programme director Advanced Master in International Development (AMID) | Radboud University

“By participating in AMID Young Professional, organisations get access to a pool of highly talented, young graduates with the ambition to learn to contribute to the realisation of the SDGs.“

- Dr. Sara Kinsbergen, programme director AMID Young Professional - 

Dr. Sara Kinsbergen

Sara is program director of AMID Young Professional, a unique education program aiming to bridge the gap between academia and practice in the field of international development and to capacitate and stimulate young professionals to act as change agents in this field. She strongly beliefs in the power of an online, international classroom. Where students from diverse backgrounds, working in a wide diversity of organisations and functions, learn and work together.

She also works as an assistant professor at the department of Anthropology and Development studies (CAOS) of the Radboud University. As a researcher, she is fascinated by small, scale voluntary development organisations initiated by people in the global north, known as Private Development Initiatives (PDIs). Since 2008, she studies amongst others, the identity, the partnerships, the development interventions  and the coming-of-age of these organisations in various European countries and in the countries where they operate in the global south. For her research, she cooperates with multiple civil society organisations in the Netherlands and in countries in the global south. Since many years, she cooperates and receives co-funding from Wilde Ganzen Foundation.

Sara is a member of the committee for development cooperation, of the Advisory Council of International Affairs.


In her different roles, Sara aims to contribute to achieving the sustainable development goals via education and research.

Training and courses

Dr. Sara Kinsbergen is currently affiliated with the following programs and courses at Radboud University:

Scientific publications

Sara is strongly committed to translating the results of her research to the daily practice of policy makers and practitioners. In an inspiring manner, she therefore presents the findings of her research during lectures and debates and facilitates workshops and trainings. 


In the media 

Topics of interest

Dr. Sara Kinsbergen is happy to answer questions from (science) journalists and other interested parties about the following topics:

  • Private Development Initiatives
  • Do-it-yourself
  • Sustainability
  • Volunteering
  • Active citizenship
  • Civil society

Please contact dr. Merel van Ommen, communication advisor at the Radboud Center for Social Sciences.


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