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Martha Mwangi about AMID Masterclasses

'One of the greatest strengths of this masterclass was its focus on real-world case studies, practical experiences, and interactive exercises.'
Martha Mwangi - Programme Manager, iMPACT direct

'Throughout, I always wanted to change people’s lives in a practical way.  I have a background in the financial sector and consultancy for small Savings and Credit Cooperative Organisations. As a Programme Manager at iMPACT direct Foundation, I got the opportunity to join the AMID Masterclasses in International Development. It has provided me with invaluable knowledge and insights into the field and also helped me explore my personal motivations, areas of interest, and professional goals.

During the masterclass, I had the opportunity to deeply reflect on what drives me as a professional in the field of international development. The instructors facilitated thought-provoking discussions that encouraged us to examine our core values, aspirations, that brought us to this field. I am truly driven by the desire to make positive impact on the lives of vulnerable populations around the world. I am passionate about addressing socio-economic inequalities, promoting sustainable development, and empowering individuals and communities to achieve their full potential. The masterclass has helped me solidify my commitment to these values and provided me with tools to pursue them effectively.

One of the greatest strengths of this masterclass was its focus on real-world case studies, practical experiences, and interactive exercises. By delving into the complexities of diverse development contexts, the masterclass equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted challenges and potential solutions in international development. By analyzing various sectors, such as education, healthcare, poverty alleviation, and gender equality, I now possess a broader perspective on where my expertise and efforts can have the most impact.

The masterclass not only honed my technical skills and knowledge, but it also aligned my passions and strengths with the demands of the development field, which makes me tick as a professional. This masterclass helped me identify the specific areas of international development where I can leverage my skills and expertise to make a lasting difference.

AMID masterclasses surpassed my expectations. My eye-opener was the challenges, innovative approaches and best practices that will inform our organization’s strategies and contribute to effective international development efforts.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the #RadboudFonds, thanks to their financial contribution I was able to join the masterclass.

I highly recommend this masterclass to anyone looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the field and to unlock their potential in driving positive change globally.'

Martha Mwangi participated in AMID Masterclasses International Development in 2023. She works as Programme Manager, iMPACT direct


AMID Masterclasses International Development

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