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Postacademisch Onderwijs voor een Veerkrachtige Samenleving

AMID Young Professional

The AMID Young Professional programme is twofold: sustainable development organisations access a pool of talented graduates, ambitious to realize the SDGs.

Young professionals get a chance to gain experience and acquire the latest knowledge and skillsneeded to contribute to a fair and sustainable world.

Start: 7 february 2022.

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AMID Masterclasses (Dutch)

AMID Masterclasses bridges the gap between academia and practices through 9 inspiring sessions (in Dutch) on international cooperation for seasoned professionals in the field.

Gain new knowledge, challenge yourself and expand your network.

Start: 2 september 2021.

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Grab a coffee with us!

Do you fancy a coffee with us? Because AMID would like to invite you to for a coffee and start the conversation on our common aim to create a fair and sustainable world.

AMID aims to create impact on the SDGs through education. By bridging the gap between academia, policy and practice, we create a thorough understanding of sustainable development issues through diverse angles, using various disciplinary perspectives. We want to be a reflection of this diversity of actors working on creating impact on sustainable development.