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Talentontwikkeling bij kleuters - van theorie naar praktijk

11 mei 2023 - Kristel Bohte en Marleen Hilhorst

Where are the girls? Gender equality in gifted education: why girls are still underrepresented in gifted education

24 februari 2023 - Maaike Goddijn
Girls and boys are equally gifted, yet girls are evidently underrepresented in gifted education. A literature review in ECHA News investigates various barriers to equal access for boys and girls to gifted education and shows that although gender bias appears less pronounced, its influence on the education and lives of gifted girls is still significant. Gifted girls face various potential obstacles that may cause their giftedness to go unidentified and hinder their participation in gifted education.

Setting Objectives for Social Change: Using Gender and Intersectionality to Improve International Development Policies in Practice

5 december 2022 - Winfred Mugwimi & Jordan Hart
The article draws attention to the need for a multi-dimensional lens to unpack ideas and approaches on gender and social change to question whether gender is still a useful category in development thinking. The article proposed intersectionality as a way to connect theoretical and conceptual insights to actual policies and practices. In this sense, the article draws on the usefulness of gender and how it can be reapplied through an intersectional lens to address wider issues such as colonization, climate justice, socio-political structures, privileges, and inequalities.